Guess I've been gone for awhile when it comes to posting what is going on. It seems that I've just been to tired to stay up and post and during the day I've had to many detraction to think about what to say once I've gotten on here.

At the moment Joey and I are taking a lunch break from working on the back of the kiln. ( He's actually making a garden minestrone soup for tonight while I'm blogging.) I would really like to just knock out the rest of the kiln this weekend. Once we get the back on, than we need to work on the chimney up to a certain point, than I need to get more bricks to build it up and out of the roof of the kiln shed. I of course had a plan on having it totally done this September but our funds are so tight I don't know how I'm going to save up enough money to pay for the gas and the coating for the inside. Unfortunately today we had to have one of those dreaded money talks, always a bummer. I had 3 classes that didn't make this fall which I was planning on and its really put us in the red. Its tuff but you just have to keep pushing along and make some difficult decision about life. We've been doing this since Quaid was born and we are both pretty tired of it.Enough of that....

Here are some things I made this week. I'm happy with the new direction I'm going with keeping some of my clay body showing through. I'm sorry I haven't posted some photo's of the new work that has come out of the kiln but I don't have the best camera and whenever I think about taking a photo, its always when the sun has gone down and the lighting is bad. I'll try to make an effort to get some photo's of finished work up soon.

Stay tune for some kiln photo's!

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Scott Smith said...

Jen, it's kinda hard to see all the detail in this picture but I love those pots w/ lids! The feet are especially nice. I'd love to see those pieces finished.