Thurseday update

Tomorrow we are off for a cheap thrills family vacation to Myrtle Beach. We didn't really take the kids anywhere this summer and instead of tagging along with our families we decided to go it alone this beach trip. We'll just be there for 2 1/2 days but the kids we know will love it and at the moment that is all we can do.
I just got back from the first class of the fall. I only had 4 students so that is pretty small for what I'm use to. I also found out that my Tuesday morning class did not have enough people sign up for it so I'm out that class as well. It has'nt been a good fall for my teaching funds this go around. It makes me kind of worried when things fall through that I'm counting on but I can look on the bright side and know that I will have more time in my studio. I do have a lot going on with shows and building this kiln so maybe it was meant to be. We'll see.....
In the studio this week I finished up more covered jars and some teapots. I made all the parts for my candle holders today and plan on putting them together on Sunday night. Than the time line of firings will come next week to get ready for the up and coming show. On Saturday it will be our Circle of Eight fall sale. I am hoping for a full crowd this time. I know it will be a fun day with all of us at Amy's and also having Mark Peters there with us. Maybe we'll get some live music also to cheer up the day!
Well, I'm off to finish packing, have a good one.

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