All Fired up!~

Last night we had our 3rd annual fundraiser at Clayworks. Its called All Fired Up and we serve people dinner, have a silent auction, door prizes, take home gift and an exstreme demo. One of my fellow "Claywork-e-in's" and blogger Becky Story was nice enough to take some photo's for me so I could post about the event. As always it seemed like everyone was having fun and Julie, Amy, Ron and I "hammed it up" as usual. Greg Scott was the brains of the piece we made and Julie, Ron and I threw pieces for it for most of the night. Amy sat this demo out since she is 8months pregnant and Greg didn't get to do to much joking with the rest of us because he had to make sure the master piece would come together.

We made a wall piece this go around that represented a loaded kiln. I think everyone really liked that final piece and we'll cross our fingers that it can get fired and finished to be displayed in one of the class rooms.
Here are some photo's for you!
Here are people looking at the silent auction.

Here is Ron and Julie chatting about something.( Most likely all those teapots Ron was making.....joke, joke)

Here is Julie and Greg throwing some pots.

Here's Amy just looking cute. Her baby is due the same time my twins where due! Very exciting....

And last but not least, here I am...................

...........in my Mud Mama shirt


Becky said...

What a great event! LOVE the Mud Mama tee! Sorry I've yet to send the final piece pic. By the time we got home I'd forgotten your email. :( See you Thursday night.

Scott Smith said...

Jen, looks like a blast. I hate that I missed it. Can't wait to see the finished demo piece.