The sale and such

Sunday evening......it feels good to relax. I've been catching up on my computer time since I've had little this weekend. Today was spent with the family, no studio time but I did need to deliver some pots to my children school for a fundraising event next weekend. Tomorrow I need to clean and pack up for another event with a women's club in Rock Hill South Carolina. I like these kind of gigs where you can just drop stuff of and they will display it and sell it without you having to be there. Next up in the way of big shows will be the first of May so I will get going on stuff for that this week. I'm sure I'll start off with mugs since my stock did get very low this from the show yesterday. Yippee...excuse to throw mugs.
Update from Sale...
I'm sorry to report that I left my camera at home yesterday. It was a very cloudy and raining day so really photo's wouldn't have been the great. We were all still in pretty good spirits and I was amazed to see the people that did turn out in the rain. You all who read this blog and come to our shows for support get a big high five from me. Thank you!

I do have just a few photo's of some of the stuff that I've had photo's up about in green ware form.

Bowl and platter with new red accent glaze.

Custard cups and tumblers.

Now that I'm on the other side of the mountain..so to speak, I can get back to spending time with my blog. Keep checking in for more thoughts,pottery talk, whines and mis-spellings from your truly!

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Platter...I like the platter...do you have one like the yellow one in the card phot or is it gone gone gone...I love sales like that too...that's what I just did.