Sunday Evening

I just got in from finishing up for the day in my studio. I managed to make some teapots, salt and peppers and baking dishes. Tomorrow and Tuesday I'll throw some more and then I'll quit for the week and start to glaze for the Circle of Eight show this Saturday.

Yesterday I worked the Claywork sale in Charlotte. I took McKenna along with me so she could have some one on one time with mom. I think she did pretty good in just hanging out with the Clayworks gang at the register. Even though the kids don't always get maybe a day at the park with me, they do get to see what mommy does. The kids always ask me about my students and why can't I teach at their school.

The sale I think went pretty good. I sold some things and at the end of the sale two ladies came in a bought a good bit of my stuff so that was nice to see.
Tomorrow I'll try and get some photo's up.
Good luck with your Monday!



Jen...sounds like all is well... totally following the blog!

Vicki Gill, potter said...

Hey, I like the relish dishes. Funky/elegant!
I will have work at Gaston Day. Is there an opening or work just on display? I haven't read my paperwork but luckily have already pulled work from inventory, so don't have to stress about firing this week.
I remember soccer games and how cold they could be early Saturday morning or how they played on even when it was miserable and dripping rain.