Old Friends

I had a great treat on Monday. Two of my friends from High School drove down from the Piedmont of South Carolina to hang out with me and get some pots. My pal Angela I hadn't seen since I left school in the summer 1985. ( No need in hiding my age because I talk about it all the time anyways...) And my friend Rebecka and I had served as bridesmaids in a wedding in 1999, the year I got married. Lots about my life has changed since then.

I've always heard stories of seeing someone after many years and not knowing what to talk about but I haven't found this to be the case with people I re-connect with. To me, both of them don't look like they have aged at all. In my mind they are both the same way there where in school and there expressions and mannerisms are burned into my memory. We had a good time laughing, catching up and trying to remember different people we went to school with. I'm the worst at that because I didn't stay my senior year but finished up English in the summer and went onto college. Rebecka still lives in Greenwood so she was great at keeping us informed on who is where.

They both went home with a good selections of pots and now I can boost that my pots are living in Texas!

On a side note, here is rose from my garden. Everything is starting to bloom and poke out of the ground. I love this time of year!~

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