Relish dish

I'm still struggling with my "veggie/relish dish". I think this one really is for relish, its a bit to small for a veggie server. There are some things I like about the idea..others I'm not sure about. You can give your thoughts from what you can make out in the photo. Once again, we'll see how I feel about them after they come out of the kiln. (My favorite part is how the handle fits between the three parts.)

Time for bed. Tomorrow is a busy day. Two soccer games, then to Charlotte for the Clayworks sale and back home to work all night.


Becky said...

The handle looks intriguing from the angle of the photo. (Handles confound me!!!) I love the look of the piece.

Stopped by the sale tonight at Clayworks. You have some amazingly beautiful pieces there. Just exquisite!

Jen Mecca said...

Thanks Becky!
I hope this piece comes out. I love handles!
Hope you can come to the circle of eight sale,I think we will all have some new stuff there. Jen