The Art of Being Intuitive

I was thinking today, as I finally sat down and read my owners manual, about a little test I took year ago called "The Myers Briggs Personality Test". I'm sure some of you have taken this test and if you haven't I know you can go online and read all about it. Naturally just saying that "I finally sat down to read my manual" already gives away the fact that I'm very intuitive. I hate to read anything if I can just try to figure out on my own.

I really appreciated all the comments I got after posting my set of photo's on my blog last week. I even put a link to my Fan page and several people left idea's and comments there as well.

So I took all the advise and went back to try a few things. This photo below was my final adjustment to all my attempts. I still have one more setting I think needs to be changed to get them perfect, but I'm sort of tired of fooling with it today and I thought I'd post three different shots of the same cup.

Final shot... Middle shot....
First attempt with the white balance change.
Hope everyone is having a good weekend.
( Oh, by the way if you've taken the Myers Brigg.....I'm a INFP!)


laura weant avery said...

cup looks great!! sooo much better than other images on etsy!

Linda Starr said...

Your photography and cup looks great. I am an INTJ and my husband Gary is an INTP.

Nu Kua said...

Went and took the test, I couldn't resist, hehe
I am an INFP too!
But when I wanted to read more about it found there was just to much info to read (it's early in the morning) and I've had only one cup of coffee) so now I know I'm a INFP but have no idea what that means! lol

That last shot looks very good, I like the reflecting light.

Brian said...

Cool! another "1 percent'er" (apparently we're only about 1-2% of the population). Makes me wonder how many other potters are INFP?

My wife and I are both INFP, which probably explains why it took so long for us to find each other.

Jen Mecca said...

Hey Brain,
Oh wow, I didn't know we are only 1% of the population! I wonder how many INFP's have ADD....

Nu Kua - Find some time to read the info. about this test. Its pretty cool!

You all have a great weekend! Jen

Scott Smith said...

Jen, love your final shot. It looks GREAT! I took the test too; turns out I'm an INFP too. Maybe everyone who loves pottery is an INFP????