Last Hurrah..

Today was the last day of Easter break and everyone goes back to school in the morning. I too will be back teaching in the afternoon.

I made a few bowls today, mixed up some stains and cleaned a bit in my studio. ( Boy it seems like I am always cleaning my studio.....or is that just me? ) For the majority of the day I played Mom with a trip down town to the bank and the library. I'm trying to teach our children to be better with money than I believe we are at times so today we walked downtown to our local bank and opened a saving account for each child. They all took some money and socked it away for a rainy day and Quaid even asked the banker how much interest he was going to earn! ( I have no idea where this child came from some days because at 9 I didn't know anything about interest!)

After the bank we went to the library and then back around through some of the older homes in our neighborhood. The photo below is an old outside well with the wisteria vines growing all around. The house that belongs to this well is as old and worn with vines all over it also but this little building always intrigues me everytime I walk by so I decided to take a photo of it today. I'm pretty sure someone lives in this house but I never seen them, which is true of most of the huge old homes around here that are falling into dis-repair.

At any rate the wisteria smells wonderful and every summer when it blooms I always think of how this plant represents the South in my mind. As a child I saw Elizabeth Taylor in a movie in which I believe she played a southern bell and she wore a huge hat covered in wisteria. Funny the things that pop into your head at times.....

I'm looking forward to a good productive week in my studio!

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Gary's third pottery blog said...

gorgeous pic, sorta southern gothic eh?