Stuff coming up..

I have a few sale's and shows coming up soon.
Below is some information about the Truck show I will be participating in this weekend. Lisa Oakley is an old friend of mine and every year her sister-in-law is kind enough to host a wonderful sale/show at her house. Please check out Lisa's website. She is a glass artists and makes some really nice vessels and jewelry. In May my pottery partners in crime have a great little show in Salisbury NC. I love the title of the show because I think it fits the four of us just perfectly!

....just a little snap-shot of new tumblers going into the kiln today. I'm heading out to work! Hope you all had a great weekend.


Linda Starr said...

more than the weather is heating up, have a great show and sales, love the postcards.

jimgottuso said...

good luck with all your events... those tumblers are beautiful

ang said...

yey they look great just as they are!!

Mr. Young's Art said...


Ron said...

Hey! Tumblers looking good. Let me know how things go at the Truck show. Will there be some 4x4's there? (Sorry. You said we could let you know when you misspell something)
I'm gonna blog about the Form and Surface show soon. Yea for us!!!