On the mend...

Saturday afternoon I tried my hand at throwing somethings. It was little awkward but I managed to make a few cups and some batter bowls. Typing is still pretty hard. You never understand how much you use your the pointer finger on your left hand....the letters "T,R E, Y and G" do come up a lot. ( Try it today if you have nothing better to do...)

Below is a bowl with the new glaze I've been trying to switch over too. I think I've talked before about my glaze recipe and how it has some "properties" about it that I'm starting to get a bit weary of. I've been playing around with a few recipes lately. I like this one but the crazing is a bit worrisome. My normal glaze does craze but in an all over pattern, which is alot like a true celadon so I've come to like that. This glaze below has a random craze pattern that I don't care for so much and worries me. I'm reading up on how to help this issue, so we'll see what I find. I unloaded a kiln this weekend so here are a few quick shots. I'll be taking some photo's in my trusty "photo cube" later this week.

Hope everyone is staying dry. Its a gloomy day here which is Ok for a Monday in my book!


Gary's third pottery blog said...

so pretty, Jen, and feel better!

andrea said...

Jen, I hope your finger feels better. Your pots are beautiful and the new glaze color is very egyptian blue... one I love a lot.
Hope the crazing issue works itself out. I know you will figure it out!
I like rainy mondays too.

Tracey Broome said...

Hey girl: I got the big reject from Lark today :( I know why I got it, still can't figure out why you!

Mr. Young's Art said...

Sweet Color!