Pottery 101-set up

Ron and I headed up to Salisbury yesterday to set up a show at Pottery 101 called "Form and Surface - Four Perspectives". The show is at a great little gallery in the downtown and I was really happy with the space we got to transform and display our work in.

It really does take more than one eye when your combining four differant bodies of work!
Here are just a few shots of all the work combined on pedestals and the wall area. I think we spent the most time on the wall. Its hard to figure out vertical space when you dealing with plates, tiles and shelves!
This week I'm happy to report that I'm pretty free to work in my studio-which is always greatly needed. Last weekend was packed with all sort of events so I'm looking forward to a little down time.
Hope everyone had a nice weekend!


Connie said...

What a nice space. All the pots really look good together. Who is the fourth potter? I see you of course, Ron, and Amy.

Anonymous said...

hey jen, the space looks great! congrats on the interview over on connie's blog. great snapshot of your clay adventures.

Patricia Griffin said...

Show is looking good! Enjoy your studio time this week.

togeii said...

Very nice looking show.