Sunday afternoon...

Spent some time thinking alot of cream and sugar trays this weekend. Trays get me! I never know weather to make really fancy ones or a more simple version. It always seemed to me that if someone was going to actually use a cream and sugar set they would like a tray that is straight forward. The flip side to this is a really cool cream and sugar sets makes us want it that much more because its such a conversation piece.
So, that was where my head was this weekend and below are some things I came up with to suit both sides of my "brain".
Just an added bonus is this platter. I just can't give up on platters no matter how many issues I have with them.......
We had an eventful Friday and Saturday and today was spent just being at home. ( Which I tend to love doing!) The kids got to visit a new school that they will be attending next year. This has and will be an on going transition for our 3 children. Lots of drama for the next months coming up. Hopefully it won't last a year...but you never know with children.
Friday night Joey and I planned time together to watch Mad Men while I worked in my studio. I do have a TV and every now and again I can talk him into sitting in a lawn chair with a beer and enjoying a movie with me while I work. This Friday I didn't get much done because my "counseling" services where needed while one of my girls had a heart to heart about some feeling she was having. I was thinking today how when your a parents, working at home you have to stop everything and be flexible at that moment to help out your child. Much different to be "working" and in that thought process as opposed to doing house work and dropping that....
Just a parental observation from my perspective as a crafts person working at home.
( I still have not finished Mad Men but I did get lots done today while everyone was happy and occupied!)


Scott Smith said...

Jen, that first picture is way interesting... my brain can't quite imagine what the finished product will be. Please post a pic of the finished pot.

I can appreciate the desire for a quiet family day. We had a nice brunch together this morning, then I spent 3 hours doing yard work, so not exactly the relaxed family day, but at least we had part of the day together.

Enjoy the rest of your Sunday with the family.

Jen Mecca said...

Scott..doing yard work for me would be a dream! ( I remember when I offered to moew your lawn one time!)

When I get a good set, I'll post a photo. I need to take one for the show I'm entering with them anyways..

See you all soon! jen

Linda Starr said...

Are you using porcelain clay; I've decided to switch to some white stoneware, hate the cracking of the porcelain I used. I might try some porcelain Kari recommended in a week or two.

claydancer said...

I am a fellow ceramic artist and I love your work. I have you on my blog list. Would you be willing to put me on yours?
Kelly Daniels

Jen Mecca said...

Sure..Kelly, no prob.

Linda...I do use porcelain because I like the way it looks after its fired better than white stoneware. I use to USE whitestone after I got out of school but I just really didn't like the results. I do have issues with cracking at times and as you know, if you read my blog, tried to find a differant porcelain but I have a lot of factors that just haven't allowed me to find the right body yet.
Would love to hear what por. Kari suggested to you!

Liz said...

hey Jenn, have you tried the 6-50 porcelain from Tucker's? I have great luck with it.I do a lot of handbuilding, some throwing and water erosion with it and have had very little cracking.