In my studio with Willy Nelson

Last night I took a break from my usual in the studio throwing on Friday night and Joey, my parents and myself went to see Willy Nelson and Family. ( And it really was his family, his sister played the piano and his sons where in the band). It was a great outing for us after all the went on last week. We had a good time and it was nice to go out with my folks.

So naturally today I had to listen to Willy while I worked. Joey was kind enough to take the kids away from the house so I could concentrate on working; which is what I did. I cranked up Whiskey River and went through about 3 of his disc making various stuff. It took me awhile today to get into the swing of things. I think always when I feel a bit out of sorts and pressed for time, I don't concentrate so well on throwing so I had to crash a few things. Usually when this happens I figure it is no time to mess around with hard forms or I'll waste time , which is in small amounts, so I throw things that are comfortible to me but need to be made. I got some pedistals bowls made, berry bowls and dipping dishes. I finished up the evening with decorating some stuff and throwing the base for my flower blocks. I'm determined to get those forms down because I think people really like those. I've been singing Willy songs in my head all day. You forget how great live music makes you feel until you experiance it again.
Over and out, I'm off to bed for another day. Tomarrow I tackle some casseroles.

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