Trip to Asheville

I went up Saturday to Asheville with my Dad. He was nice enough to drive me up there, partly because he has a truck and the other because I'm sure my mom was worried I was looking a bit to ragged to drive a 2 hour trip. So, Dad and I hopped into the truck , listened to Car Talk on the way up there and had a nice day. I always love going up to the mountains. I always feel like Joey and I missed out on not trying to move up there. Of course there would be more competing for me but there are just more things and people that we are both into up there. It reminds me of where I grew up in Ithaca NewYork because there are all sorts of interesting looking people walking around. When I was little we use to call Hippy looking sorts "organies". If your into cookbooks and your a vegetarian you should know The Moosewood cookbook. Well when I was little my mom use to take us there to eat. ( Being a kid I wasn't to keen on the organic peanutbutter sandwhiches or the carob cookies but now I feel like I was a part of history!) So, I finally got my clay and a lot of it so I have a HUGE bill to pay off (porcelain has gone up again!!!!YIKES) and now I can start throwing like a mad women for my home show in August, not to mention all the special orders I have going on. Oh, the thrill of a race once again.

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Ron said...

Hey Glad you got some clay. Let me know if you need to go again sometime and I'll go with you. I went up last week for clay. Dale has also mentioned he has been getting clay there as opposed to Charlotte.
I can relate to the desire to move to the mountains. We talk about it often. I find that since I'm settled here now that it's hard to think about seriously changing. Still the culture is cool there and the weather too.
That's awesome that you ate at Moosewood as a child.
Looking forward to getting the card for your show.