Joey found the photo's from NC potters conference "hiding" on my camera. Once again I was clueless on how they disappeared and how he found them. I'm convinced there is a part of some people's brains who can get electronics and those of us who can not. Thank goodness I know my Mom and Dad both have issues with these things and my sister does not so.......its not just me!
Anyways, here is are the photo's I took of Mary Laws work that interested me.
I've always loved her House-Pots.Not only do I love the way she puts all the parts together but the whole concept of a "house" speaks to me. Plus I LOVE boxes as a means of containment.
I don't get super excited about a pottery jar, only few speak to me but if I see a box out of clay, I'm right there looking at it, picking it up and wanting it for my own collections.

If you have any questions as to what you are seeing in these photo's, drop me a note!

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