What a sunny day!

Have I said before that I tend to be a person who looks at life as the glass half empty? For the last year and half I've been pretty good at working on that. Instead of voicing my thoughts I just keep them to myself if I have a negative one and try to put a good cover on and think happy thoughts. It does work but for the most part with my work/business, to myself I'm still for the most part a glass half empty.

I told you that so I could start my story! You must be wondering why I have a photo of Julie Andrews on here..well I'll get to that.

Today started off back in the swing of things with getting everyone out the door at 7:15 on the road and dropped off at school with happy faces ( for the most part). As I mentioned I had a visitor today. A reporter from YC Magazine here in York County came for the morning and hung out with me in my studio. I've never been interviewed before and of course I was not real keen on all the photo's. But we did have a good conversation and he was very informed about pots and potters so I was pretty comfortable and got alot thrown while we talked. I guess all the years of getting questions from my students about what I do helped a lot with thought provoking questions about why I do what I do. So I felt good! I then changed cloths like super-girl and went back into Mom mode to get the kids and do a bunch of errands. Here's where Julie Andrews comes into my story.

Upon driving up to the house I could see that the mail had come and sticking out was one of those manila envelopes that I send out every month here, there and everywhere to shows. I happened to notice on my calendar yesterday that some pretty big shows I had entered where suppose to contact people. Upon seeing the envelope sticking out of the mail box I set myself up for what I was sure to be yet another rejection in my head. It was like slow motion going to the mail with all the kids clamoring around me for snacks and such. I picked up the envelope and low and behold when I saw the "Good News" stamp on the outside of the letter I could not tear into it soon enough. As I read the congratulations all I could hear in my head where the lyrics "somewhere in my wicked childhood, I must have done something good". ( If you know by now that song also comes from the Sound of Music and I have NO idea why it always comes to mind when I finally get something I want!)If I could of super imposed my head onto Julie's, that is how I felt when I read that letter.
So,that was my dramatic way of saying I got into Strictly Functional after applying what seems to be 100 times! Oh....what I finally sigh of relief.

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Scott Smith said...

Congrats Julie Mecca-Lawler! Sounds exciting. What is it??