Hanging out ...just thinking.

Guess I should not really admit it but I'm just sitting here near the fire with a cup of coffee this morning trying to get up and going. There is a space in the corner of my mind that keep telling me over and over again that if I do something 17 times in a row, it will become a new habit.

On Tuesday and Thursday this Fall my usual routine was getting up at 6:30, taking the kids to school and coming home and falling back into bed until 9 or so. If you use to read my blog you'd know that I work very late into the evening and last Fall, this was true again. I also teach every Tuesday and Thursdays and leave the house at 11am so .....as you see, I didn't have a whole lot of time to work during the day because I was sleeping.
So, my new routine this Spring is go to bed at 10 and not work in my studio in the evening. If I get a good cup of coffee these mornings, wake up and do some studio work before heading off to spend the afternoon with my pottery students, I'll feel pretty good about myself! Evening these days with a child in middle school has proved to be a bit nuts. My son has homework from the time he gets home until about 9pm and with the twins in toe, we are pretty busy in the evenings keeping everyone organized, on task and just getting things done . By the time I get out to work in my studio...my mind is pretty much shot.
Life is such a new journey ever year in the world of parenthood. Its always constantly changing and I've learned to be like Stretch Armstrong in the flexibility department. I also enjoy living in my own little reality of what I can and can't do the older I get. Push, push, push...but I've learned since our stresses of last year to slow it down a bit. Our move was such a good one and every day when I hop into our car and it only takes 4 minute to successfully get our kids school, I relies how incredibly lucky we were to sell our home. I can't believe I use to commute 1/2 each way every day with our children. I'm sure once my new studio is complete I'll be back to a few evenings and flopping back into bed for a 1/2 snooze. But for right now..I'll wake up with a nice cup on Joe in a variety of great pottery mugs and get myself out to work. ( This morning I have a Matt Jones cup in my hand!)
As always Calvin, one of my alter ego's, says it the best!


Tracey Broome said...

It sort of gets better once they can drive and then go off to college, except a whole new set of worries comes along with all that! When Wes was in middle school we lived in Albemarle while looking for a job/house in Charlotte. When we finally moved to Charlotte, we were so happy with the private school she was in that I drove an hour to school, drove back to Clayworks in Charlotte, back to Albemarle to pick up and back home! Four hours a day just to get my kid back and forth to a good school. I look back at those days and think I must have ben in an alternate reality myself.
Moms make many many sacrifices for their kids, but it's worth it!! Your kids are going to be wonderful adults one day because of all you and Joey do for them :)

Jen Mecca said...

Tracey - What school did Wesley go to? Just curious..Jen

Tracey Broome said...

Hey Jen:
When we were in Albemarle the public schools were awful. She was in a private christian school called Park Ridge, it was a great school, so far ahead of where the public schools were in curriculum and there were 10 kids in her class! Very small, much individual attention, but Wes didn't care for praise and worship Fridays, she was a little buddha in the midst of Baptists :)

Quietly Otaku said...

Sounds quite intense, hopefully the routine will settle down soon for the new year. Good luck!