The discombobulation of it all.....

I'm sure everyone is so proud of me for looking up that enormous word and getting it right!!
The word DISCOMBOBULATED is used so much in my house. It just fits so many scenario's that we deal with on a daily basis. Its fits so many of my studio situations that I think I may need to commission a sign to hang outside my new studio building with colorful letters to spell out the word! Maybe it should say.........
" Warning....Discombobulated Potter on board"
In my studio I'm still living out of boxes and bins. I was impressed that my studio was built so quickly that in the Fall I thought for sure I'd be moved in over Christmas break. This thought and optimism made me work with the bare-bones all Fall. I really don't use that many tools in my studio and now I've even scaled back more since I can't find everything anyways. This pen that is in the photo above was a real find a few weeks ago because I only like to use a certain sort of tip for cleaning up my lines and edges around the springs on my pots. I think my family even heard the giggly laughter from the garage when I found this.
These last few weeks I've been plugging along on various things. At the moment I'm getting ready to glaze another kiln load for my show at Gallery UP next week. My newest "Discombobulated" issue is my light box. I really need some photo's taken of work for various shows and galleries but my paper background is no where to be found! Each day I go out to my garage in search of it, with no luck. If only Kinko's or Office Max offered craftpeople a little pop-up light box area to run over and snap a few quick images! Yet again, only in my pretend world........
So, I'll continue to look today in my discombobulated garage and maybe fate will shine down on me and turn up the lost gradated photo paper. Until than, as they say I'm just plain out of luck!


Tracey Broome said...

This time last year, I was in your shoes, getting a new studio built. It was crazy! Run out to Hobby Lobby or a good craft store and get a sheet of gray poster board for 89 cents and set up near a window, that's what I do and I get great photos with the natural light when I am too lazy to drag out the lights and box :)

Amy said...

this is funny, Jen. finding some things in my new house is kinda like that. Great idea, Tracey--- I'm needing that gray poster board...

Judi Tavill said...

Ellen Degeneres was saying Discombobulated today too... PS... your title is missing the s.... yes... I too have been feeling that way... just...because...
Now I scratch up my paper constantly... it kills me...

Anonymous said...

Dag-nabit....it is missing the S!!!!!
By the way, can I just tell you how much I love Ellen?! My hero Linda Christenson acts a lot like her as well....
SIGH....guess I'll fix the S in the morning!

Rosemary said...

You can be as discombobulated as you want! Don't they say that geniuses are always the (apparently) disorganized ones?

Judi Tavill said...

i guess anonymous is JEN!

Anonymous said...

I like the word dag-nabbit as well. Reminds me of Yo-Semitee-Sam ( and I'm sure I speller his name wrong as well!)

Quietly Otaku said...

Good luck, I'm sure you'll be back on track soon although I haven't quite got it all together yet myself!

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