Bali potters...and Cleaning

Yesterday was such a beautiful day and I just loved being here and getting all sorts of things done in the house and my studio.
I spent my morning mopping and cleaning out my glaze shed. I even cleaned out the shop-vac.He Ha..what a dusty mess. I than moved onto clay. Today I will begin to throw again.

Those broken pots on the floor got tossed. That felt great and my next project is to take all my bags of raw materials and put them in some cheap plastic containers. Those bags take up so much space and Joey and I have talked about putting up some more shelves in here and in my studio. ( As he reads this, which he does he is saying to himself that he has asked me for week to get that ready for him and I haven't....so I better get on that with taking stuff off the walls or I may loose my free-labor!)
I was catching up with friends last night on Facebook and found that someone over in Italy invited me to view there ceramic studio page. Its a group that calls themselves GAYA. I haven't heard of them but some of you may have. Anyways, I was curious and got on there site and found this great UTube of Bali potters. Its pretty cool plus that music is so great that they put on here.

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