Show this weekend

This Saturday is the spring Circle of Eight sale. The weather looks like it will be great for pots, friends and no tents! As you can see Suze Lindsey and Kent McLaughlin will be our guests. This is also very exciting for the group.
I don't think it ever fails that I say I just have not been blogging due to all that I've been up to. Yesterday was a "home day". That means I had no where to go and I could just focus on my pots and my family. These are my favorite days and more and more I understand that my personality or the joy I get out of life needs this. I think I have realised that something needs to go on my list of obligations here, there and everywhere. More on that in the future.
My camera does have images of work in progress over that last week or so...but, once again, the camera is missing. I also am very excited and nervous about opening my kiln this today because in it our my salt pots re-fried with some low-fire glaze application. It could be great or really bad...guess we'll see. I did do a test or two but you never know on a big pot what it will look like and with that said, weather you will like it or not.
Hopefully by Saturday my camera will show up so I can get some shots at the show. If I don't, I'm sure Ron will be snapping away!
Happy Spring everyone!

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Patricia Griffin said...

Hope the show goes well! Wish I could be there!