Tuesday April 28th

I had a few minutes today to check in on all your bloggers out there in cyper space. Seems lately that I've been reading what everyone else has been up to more than posting what I'm doing.

This week my art history classes are working on there on line exams so I'm sort of anxious to see how my students are doing.

This weekend I worked on and off on tiles, plates, and bowls plus lots of family stuff. I'll be in Raleigh this weekend as I wrote about in my last post. Mckenna will be coming with me on this trip to keep me company, spend some one on one time with mommy and visit with some of her cousins.

In the studio, I've been thinking hard about trying to incorporate all the things I want to say and do with my pots. I still have not been able to make tests but I am thinking more about where I put my springs and how this will work with my drawings ( and glazes). I thought I'd start by making some different plates. If you can see on the first photo I didn't care for the placement of the spigs on the side of this plate so I started ripping them off.I couldn't figure out how to break up the space with lines and glaze. In the last photo you'll see that I turned the springs to the side and I think this will work better. Today I'm going to trim some feet before heading off to Charlotte to teach.

We are on round two of being sick in the house. Aydan has been ill with a fever, cough and dizziness. ( Her doctor says its another virus)Thank goodness we have not been to Mexico or really anywhere else for that matter. I'm wondering how this whole flu thing will play out. Cross your fingers I'll get through the week without germ free myself.

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