Weekend Update

( Isn't that the name of the skit on Saturday Night live??)

It is Saturday evening, the kids have finally been tucked in, Joey has a movie and some brownies he is enjoying in the living room and I am just doing mindless fun on the computer. It has been go, go, go for the last two days and although I was going to play in my studio and throw a few Easter eggs for my kids and friends, I decided to sit right here and catch up.

I participated in two events this weekend and although I was somewhat happy with the pots I displayed at both events it was clearly obvious at both sales that things are slowing down for "speciality items". I actually did fairly well at the high dollar event at my children school. The reason I think I did well is that the majority to art was top dollar and Joey and I witnessed little or no red dots on art work that was priced $1000 or more. The other event was at Clayworks, the studio where I teach classes and I'm not sure about the rest of the folks but my sales where pretty few.

Surprisingly enough, this did not upset me or surprise me. I am happy to have the selection that I took come home and know that it will join the rest of inventory for our Circle of Eight sale that is taking place in April 18th. Suze Lindsey and Kent McLaughlin are our guests and I'm looking forward to a day with my pottery buddies. I am also very curious to see how the sales goes this spring! Last week I was sort of grumpy about all the time I am spending these days on the computer trying to keep track of my 45+ art history students but after this weekend I decided to be extremely thankful for this job and the opportunity to teach and supplement my pottery income. I have to look on the bright side and think that maybe if I'm not selling a whole lot of pots in the next coming year or so maybe I can spend the time refining my work and taking more time on each piece. I have to tell myself to think this way because I think we just don't know what is before all of us in the coming year or so.
Wow...some serious stuff to blog about!
Time to check out all the cool pots on the AKAR website.....


Linda Starr said...

I'm really trying to keep focusing on all the positives around me; for a while I wasn't. I am happy I learn each day to make something new with my hands. Eleven homes have sold in our area recently so I'm taking that as a sign things are starting to turn around. Good luck with the Circle of Eight sale.

Scott Smith said...

Debi and I went to Clayworks on Friday night, the crowd was less crowded than I expected. I'm looking forward to the Oof8 sale. Maybe you guys should add some music and food and turn it into a festival!


Jen, I hate to say it but Iakm seeing it too. I did a show which I made a fraction of what I've done in years past and I am happier with the quality and look of my work than ever and it's evolved but still reads a clear version of previous work so I really don't think its the work, I DO think its the economy. People bought the cheaper stuff. Period. So this is definitely a time to take stock, regroup and develop our work if at all possible, financially. No point in paying big show fees and wasting time and money. Get ready because I think this will be a bumpy ride!
Meanwhile, your work looks great!:)

Amy said...

hope to come to the circle of eight sale. I've been checking out AKAR too-- it has so much. Good luck at the upcoming sales.