Bunny Post!

It is yet another night when everyone is in bed and I am up "being" the Easter Bunny. Making baskets is just so fun and I like many mom's go over board with the whole thing.
In the studio lately, since I was under the weather this week work has been slow. I did get a lot accomplished on Friday evening and today. I've been working on some smaller versions of my flower blocks and once again, the compote has been "re-built". The last set tended to lean a bit in the firing so I got some advise from my pottery friends and did a bit of a revision on the pedestal part. Next Saturday is the Circle of Eight Spring Sale so I am gearing up for that. I also ordered a few low fire glazes to see if I can finish off the salt-pots that I fired in Ron's kiln. I have no idea how these will turn out but I'm sort of eager to see what they will look like being fired again with some low glazes on top of the salt. I have done with before years ago but this time I'm trying to work a bit more with the texture of the surface and how that relates or doesn't to the glazes I choose.
Happy Easter everyone!

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Amy said...

Happy Easter Jen! Great Charlotte Observer article. Beautiful eggs... Where is the egg pic from?