Busy, Busy, Busy

I'm really to busy with life to be sitting here writing on my blog but.....everyone needs a break to do something relaxing...right? I did get to go for a walk this evening. It was great. I was just thinking today how when the weather is a certain way or there is a certain smell in the air it will remind me of places I've lived and all my 1000 walks around those neighborhoods. I love to walk. I use to like walking with my walk-men on and just get in the zone or my own personal bubble away from everything else going on around me. Sometimes when I've had a crazy day with the kids I really like going to a noisey store like Target. When I'm there I know no one will talk to me and I can just relax into my own thoughts with no interruptions. (How did get on this subject????)Oh yah.....walking. Its great for everything!

Well anyways, I had a show last weekend , which was pretty good and I have another one this weekend- plus a dinnerware set due so I'm swamped. Of course not to mention my other life and all I have to do with that! In the fall, craftspeople just have to hit the ground running to sell, sell, sell so it will make up for those slow months after Christmas. I always kick myself come February when we are broke and I haven't felt like I saved up enough to hold us over. My goal this year is to that just that. So................Off I go to bed to re-energize for tomorrows work load!

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