Lana Wilson

Yesterday my Clay Times came in the mail and I saw that another article called Mud Mama's 3 with in there. I quickly got the kids infront of the boob-tub and ran to my bedroom to read the article. Once again, I just loved it and could relate to everything this women was saying. At the end of the piece it said that Lana would like to people to email her with there comments. I thought to myself that instead of writing something into Clay Times( which I knew I would never get around to doing) I would just email Lana to say Thanks. Of course when I started writing I had to tell her my whole story and gush about how I needed these so bad to feel like I was'nt alone. Sure enough she emailed me back to say "thank you and keep on pluggin' along". She also put that she sent my letter to the Clay Times publisher! I guess I'll have to be on the look out to see if it gets in there and I look like a big female clay geek!

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