Mr. Mom

People always are amazed when they find out I have three children how I get anything done. I always say I have a lot of help from my husband and I don't get a lot of sleep. This is the truth. ( You can just see how I've let myself go in the last five years for proof on that....But that is a whole nother topic for another time). The real backing behind all that I am able to do is because of Joey, he does so much around here. Sometimes when other wives are talking about how hard it is to get there husbands to just put the kids to bed for them one night, I'm usually just sitting saying to myself "wow, Joey does this every night". Sometimes he will joke how he would love to be a stay at home mom and in all truth, I'm know he could do this. In fact on Saturdays when I'm off to a show I'm always amazed at how clean the house is when I return and everything is in place. How does he do it!~ Here I am day after day and the as much as I try to keep it clean, its always in samples for the most part. Today, on top of dealing with the kids, cleaning the house he made a Terimasue for dessert with my folks! Ok, I'm really heading towards being "Suzi home-maker disaster". Anyways, I relies how lucky I am and how the kids are to have a Dad they are so in tune with and close too. Maybe I should write to Lana Wilson and tell her my story of being a mom and potter and how I do it.......Maybe I could get published in the next Clay Times article! On that final note, I think I need to go spend sometime with my hubby and sing his praises some more.

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