Family Time

This weekend Joey took McKenna to Raleigh to visit his mom and it also gave him time to see his friends and go to see that new movie 300, which I'm sure is something I wouldn't be to interested in. He said it was great and I know he likes to see his mom and make sure she is doing Ok. We've been trying to rotate the kids when we go on short trips. This time it was McKenna's turn. At the moment she is the most difficult to deal with so I think this was very good for her to be away from her siblings. Joey said she was great on the trip and Quaid and Aydan did great here with me as well. Having two kids was SUCH a breeze for me this weekend!! I took the kids to Discovery Place in downtown Charlotte and then for a little dinner out at Cracker Barrel~Quaid favorite restaurant.( Of course he likes it because you walk in and its like a toy store before you can sit down to eat! How clever of Cracker Barrel.) Than we had a slumber party at night and watched Star Wars with a big bowl of popcorn. The house stayed a mess and I just lounged around with the kids. Sunday Joey and Mckenna came home and we had a big pasta feast at my folks with my 97 year old grandmother. ( My dad is Italian so pasta and sauce has always been an important part of Sunday meals.)
I thought maybe last night I would go clean my studio but with the time change and all I got myself in bed by 10, which is very rare for me...and I needed it. Quaid is on spring break this week so this morning we are basically back to normal. The girls are fighting over a toy, Quaid is running around and teasing his sisters whenever he can get a gab in and I'm doing a mound of laundry.
This evening I'm going before the York town board with my kiln proposal to get approval. The secretary at the planning department told me last week that I may have to wait another month because they may have to talk to the zoning board. ( I really did not like the sound of that!) I'm anxious to get going on this project and not wait till the last minute. I have till September to build the kiln but since I'm seems to fly by in my life so fast I know I have got to get going!

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