Pots On A Towel

The amber came out the best on this pot and although I running of the glaze on the springs makes not sense design wise, I like the idea's it can give me later on down the road. I love this glaze and wanted all my pots for NCECA in this glaze. Instead I sent one's that where all aqua....a pretty standard glaze color for potters.
I made 8 of these tea-bowls and I think they are kind of sweet. This is my green glaze with resist and stains. (photo had a lot of glare)

Here is a teapot with springs in my green glaze. I like the way the glaze come out( the photo does not do it justice but I think the springs where to random)

I said in the last post that I ran out of batteries to take photo's of the pots that went to NCECA but when I did finally get some batteries, I think I should of photographed them on something better!

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