Helios issues

Before I went to NCECA I had some problems with my clay that has never happened to me before. I'm still not sure what happened but I got a whole new batch last week and figure that hopefully it won't happen again. I just thought I'd put a photo of it up here before I pitched the pieces that it happened to. At the time I was really pissed because they where big pieces and I wanted them for my show but after looking at them for awhile in my studio I kind of think the clay gods where doing me a favor by "killing" them in the kiln. Everyone I seem to know around me makes there own clay and I just don't have the time , equipment or option to do this so I've been at the mercy of the local clay company and I the last 6 years or so, I haven't been to thrilled. Maybe one day, I can make my own ( of get my kids to do it for an some money...hummmm that's a thought down the line!) ( On second thought I'd have to wait until they where 16 or so just to have the strenght to lift the bags! )

Yesterday I went and had some photo's made at this wonderful studio. This guy had one of the nicest set up I've ever seen...huge equipment and what a camera! I'm hoping for awesome slides to help me more with my quest to get in some bigger shows.

I've got alot of stuff coming up in the next two months and I'm getting nervous about producing all of it. Last night I was up until 12 and then my kids got me up at 5:30 so my plans for this morning where really thrown off. I hate that because napping instead of working while the kids are gone makes me feel really guilty but if I work and then don't have energy for them, I'm not being fair to them because I'm just super cranky. So, I napped and hopefully after dinner tonight I can get a lot done. .
in school every morning next year I'm looking forward to seeing how much more I can get accomplished and hopefully I can help more at night with getting everyone to bed at a decent time in a relaxed setting. Some nights its crazy for my husband to just do it alone now that Quaid is in school and has homework.

Well, I'm off to the carpool lane!

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