Class playtime

Tomorrow morning is class. I'm teaching a short summer session for only 6 weeks with a new crew of people. Some I've taught before , some are new to me. Once again, its a great group. We are kind of doing a mix bag of stuff this go around. Some people wanted to work on there own glazes, some wanted to learn Majolica and some just where there for any kind of throwing demo's I wanted to do.
Here is an example of a majolica cup and saucer I did for them. I gave the cup to my friend Debi because she is watching my children for me while I teach every Thurseday morning. She and her husband Scott are great supportors of my work and what I do so I thought she would like this for her tea in the morning.
This week I'm finishing up a very time consuming baking dish. All of this is fun for me. I can spend an hour glazing and working on the surface of something and my students enjoy watching me do this ( I hope!). I find I can't do this yet with my own work. I guess I kind of feel like time is money and perhaps I just don't feel like my forms are there yet to put it all together. That's a whole other blog post and one that I'm not sure I could even get all my thoughts about that out on paper..well screen in this case. So for now, I'll play at work. I find the spontaneity of what I come up with sometimes to be fresh . I guess its that whole creative process that just comes from somewhere when you least think about it.

No studio time yet. My pots are still packed up and my set-up is half put away half in the studio with kids running by it everyday. My clay that I'm recycling is drying up and my pug mill misses me( well I'd like to think it does). I'm still re-writing lectures and getting to know art history and art elements once again. Its a bit stressful but I just keep plugging along.


Becky said...

Something tells me I need to take TWO classes at Clayworks this fall. Ron's and yours! So many of the pieces you make just blow me away. I know your new class will learn much!

Jen Mecca said...

I'm doing Monday night in the fall..come join us!Jen