Wagon HO

My students had asked me at the beginning of the session to talk a little bit about setting up a studio. I can remember thinking once upon a time how does one get a cool barn with running water, a fan, equipment, floor drain and all the other "grand" essentials you need to make pots. ( I'm wondering that 12 years later.) I think somewhere between grad school and doing a concentration up at Penland I realised that not everyone has all that or needs all that to make pots. So, this was a great topic for me. I started in our laundry room/porch which was about the size of a closet at our first house. Here I am about 8 month preg. with Quaid. When he finally came into the world, he would sit in his bouncy seat on top of the dryer while I worked. ( I can't believe I just put that photo out for all to see! Not to mention I figured out how to scan it on my own...)

I was telling my students that I think the most important part of making a studio in your home/garage or porch is covering every inch in plastic. I learned my lesson at our first house.
While driving home today I remembered the one piece of equipment I failed to mention that I've had since grad school. My little red wagon!
Yes, I'm a girl. I put everything heavy in it to haul back and forth from my car, the kiln shed, you name it. This was from a few days ago when I was recycling clay. In school my pal Amy Evans and I both got one for Christmas the same year and we use to laugh about having races around the art building.
Amy...did we ever do that?
Anyways, my Radio Flyer has served me well.

I wonder if they make cars?


Amy Thomason said...

Love your post today! I have been lurking for a while now ;-) Am curious what else you recommend for starting a studio in your home..... as I am in the process as I type!

Thanks for the great posts, love reading it all!
Amy in Guam

Patricia Griffin Ceramics said...

Your memories of potting with your son on the bouncy seat on top of the dryer brought back some images of being a mom-potter... My now grown-up son thinks of my original home studio as his "doing homework" place. Used to make him sit in there with me as he did his homework. He never excelled academically, but became a really good artist! Oh well!

Unknown said...

When I first saw the photo, I thought, oh wow, I didn't know Jen was pregnant again!

Jen Mecca said...

Elaine......don't even SAY that!!!!

Jen Mecca said...

Amy - If you send me your email address I can tell you some things I did. Thanks for checking in on my blog!Jen

T.Gray said...

After reading your comment on my blog, and checking back in here to see what you'd written recently, I went back to my "quote files" and found something you might like to share with your students, and maybe even your readers.
"....And we will mature, and some element will become visible in our work that comes from our innermost experience in life, something that no techniques, nor any amount of historical training or courses in 'design' could ever foster, something that is our own, and unique. For if a thing is conceived in the depths of our being, we will find a way to express it: it may be crude and unskillful, but it will be honest and intelligible."
Marguerite Wildenhain

Jen Mecca said...

Tom..that's an awesome quote..thank you so much! Another one for my wall.jen

Unknown said...

Tom--yes I love that quote. Thank you. I just posted it on my Facebook page!