I've never really been one to make many bottles. I'll demo them for students but for some reason its never been on my list of things to make for shows and what not. I don't know why...bottles are pretty cool!

Many potters make bottles so maybe I've just always wanted to be a bit different and focus on sets and things like that. The more I make pots the more I start leaning back towards traditional forms; which really I've never done with my group of work. I think after watching the Matt Long video about whiskey bottles and such, I've had a new appreciation for the simplicity of the bottle form. Last month I made a bunch of little bud-vases that mimicked the form you see below. This weekend I decided to try some really big bottles for my next Blowing Rock show in a few weeks. Here is the form alone and with handles. Today I did my surface treatment and later this week I thought I'd show you how it looked before going into the bisque kiln. I love putting lug handles on the sides of things like this. They always look like a women yelling..

" Geeeooorrrgeee..where are you? GEEEOOORRGGE...come here!"

On a family note, the weekend was spent looking for a new used car.
Vaaooommmm...honk, honk!

Joey and I also got to go on date..dinner and the Batman movie. I loved even though the clown stuff kind of freaked me out.
Batman rocks. He has so many cool toys!

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