Teapot Show *1

Last Saturday I took some folks from Clayworks to the teapot show at Cedar Creek Gallery. It was a great trip and I'm glad some of the students took me up on going "on a road trip" to look at pots! There where about 200 or so teapots plus the rest of the gallery. We also got to visit with Brad Tucker and Tim Turner, which was an added bonus because they are both just so nice and funny to chat with.

Here are some photo's that one of the students took. Did I mention that I forgot my camera that day so................Angela was so nice in snapping anything I asked her to.

Here are my two entries. Wow, my pots are sitting next to Sam Chung!

The two teapots below I just liked. There was so much to see that I think I could of found something I liked in every teapot I saw but you can only have so many photo's ..right?


Anonymous said...

You are funny to chat with too! So glad you guys made the trip.

Anonymous said...

whooohoooo teapots! You KNOW I was enjoying the day. I wanted top pick them all up and touch them. I could have taken a picture of each and every one. Too bad I forgot to download work photos from the memory card so I could only fit so many pics in.

Brad - it was great to meet you!