Grave yard clay

Last weekend I fired the chuck of clay that my neighbor Bo got out of our local grave yard. I went ahead a put it in an already bisque pot and fired it along with my cone 7 batch of pots. It came out not being totally vitrified and almost felt like a insulating fire brick. Its a wonderful peach color, and has many chips of quarts in it. I would be curious to see what would happen if I took it up to cone 9. I may test a little piece of it in our gas kiln at work.

Very busy week. I'm getting ready for Blowing Rock, School starting, we have painters here prepping the house for a full "re-do" and KIDS. So...sorry I haven't been checking in. I have read many informative posts on many other people's blog this week about "cleaning up" your blog page and getting your own domain name. If you haven't gone to Emily Murphy site lately, you should. I think I'll start out with baby steps and focus on getting an Etsy site this year.

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