Found HER!

...she was hiding in a Sid Oakley bowl up on the shelf...my camera that is!

Her I am at Blowing Rock. I'm happy because Joey's with me for this show.

Here is the last of the small Flower Blocks. I've got to get out and make more today for our up coming Circle of Eight sale!

The one thing I love about doing Arts in the Park is all the animals people bring to this show. Now, I'm a big cat person and I know if I where a cat I would NOT like being here or being on a leash.
( Have you ever seen a cat who is happy on a leash? )
This cat was so pretty I had to take a shot of her but the whole time I was thinking about all the expletives this cat must of been saying under its little kitty breath about its owner and all the people wanting to pet it. Especially all the kids! I had to ask this lady what did the cat do when all the huge dogs where around? Always an interesting day.....got to go!


jbf said...

Congratulations on finding the camera! I never thought of the Sid Oakley bowl...

Nice flower block.

Becky said...

Sounds like it was a wonderful time. So glad you got to have some fun while working in Blowing Rock.

The thing you have to remember about cats on a leash is who is leading who? It's a matter of purrspective. ;) (Sorry. Couldn't resist. My 3 cats will likely claw me into submission later for divulging the secret.)

Jen Mecca said...

Ahhh...You'll have to show me sometime!jen