Your have to Click and Listen

Its late and I am suppose to be making up more test for my class.I had such a hard night making anything in my studio this evening...boy I hate times like that. So here I am and instead of doing test stuff I"m here checking in with all the pottery blogs I love to read. Its funny how I kind of surf from comment, to post, back to new blog and so on. I really have no rhyme or reason to who's blog I read first from day to day.

At any rate. I was looking at JFB Times and he had copied this very cool tape from Emily Murphy's blog ( otherwise known as The Pottery Blog) which was Ira Glass from This American Life and he was is talking about being creative. It is an awesome short clip that you have to watch! Like Jeff says on his blog, it says it all. Ira Glass is great!!! Thanks guys for sharing that with us on your blog.
Now all of you who have not found these two blog entries....click and listen. Its so true!

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Patricia Griffin Ceramics said...

I saw that Ira Glass vid too. Loved it! And also loved the fact that so many of us related to it.