Lost Camera

Ohhhh...I can not find my camera anywhere in the abis of my unorganized house! Rats and Drats!

So much to take photo's of:
*Kids going to school

*New clay freshly pugged

*Disaster in the studio from the scraped paint that is going on , on the outside of my house but coming in my studio since its only screened in!

*Disaster in my kiln shed ( I did that...)

*Happy clean studio! Joey helped me with all the paint and dust and general untidiness that happens before a show.

*Our newly painted house...well...almost done...workers still here.

*New pots I didn't photograph at show.

*Show photo's!

*.....the look of frustration on my face Knowing I can not find my camera for my blog!!

I can't wait to finally throw tonight and get off the computer!


jbf said...

In my experience, 90% of all lost things seem to turn up in the car or the laundry basket. Hope this helps. Good luck finding your camera, we miss the photos.

Jen Mecca said...

Ah...the laundry basket..I forgot to look there!j