Short little Hello.
We're back from our adventures in the mountains. It was so good to spend the day together and most of all sell lots of pots. Wow was it a banner day for me. Thanks to anyone who came out and got some Jen Mecca pots!
I was so busy from the get go that I didn't get a whole lot of photo's. My new flowers blocks sold out in the first hour so I only got a photo of one! Wow....hot items are always good.
I'll check in with more news and maybe a few photo's this evening. Off to clean and rally the troops!


Judy Shreve said...

Yippee -- congrats on your good sales! What fun to sell pots & have a mountain adventure. I'm looking forward to the photos.

amy said...

Good for you Jen. I'm glad to hear that the sale went well for you! Did you drive that new volvo up there?

Patricia Griffin Ceramics said...

Hey Jen! Great to hear that the show went so well!

Jen Mecca said...

No...there is no clay, drinks, food, markers or dirt of any kind that is going to grace the halls of the Volvo.It may be used but its still new to me!
Plus, you can shove so much pottery into the Montero!