I tend to get a little stuck on trays for things. I love to make sets but than when it comes to containing the items I've made...I get stuck. I always know that they should compliment one another, which I try to always do but than I see another potters trays I think to myself, "Now that tray works...what's up with mine??".

So here are some images of the tray I made for my cream a sugar set.
(The bottom, to show the feet and than the piece right side up)
The biggest issue was that upside down handle on my creamer. Whoops! Your right, it hangs down to low to fit the correct way in the tray. Back to the drawing board and time to recycle the trays that are drying.

I started to stain more of my work for the kiln this evening and while doing so I enjoyed a video called "Bill Cosby , Himself". I haven't listened to his old monologues ( things like Old Weird Harold and Brain Dead Kids ) in a long time so some of his skits where knew to me. I was laughing so hard at all the stuff about kids and husbands that the dog next door came close to our yard and started barking like crazy at the noise I was making. I love to laugh.

Tomarrow I unload the kiln and a new one goes in.


Anonymous said...

Jen, I think you're going in the right direction here... I really like how the rim relates to the rims of your cream and sugar. Maybe flare the feet a little more to relate to the foot on the creamer and sugar? Hard to tell from the photos. Think about if the tray wants a handle, or if you want it to have any other features that go with the pieces on it, if for your taste it would be too matchy or just right? Enough suggestions from me, I think they'll be fine!

Patricia Griffin Ceramics said...

Hi Jen - If it weren't for that handle, it would have been a good fit. Too bad you can't save the trays and put them aside to fit a new-style creamer later... Mostly, I just want to say "thanks" for sharing your process and problem-solving. Makes the trudge along the learning-curve feel a little less lonely!

Anonymous said...

Jen -
That tape of Bill Cosby's is one of his best. I had it on cassette (yes, cassette). I really should try to find it on CD for the car. I like the Noah skit.
If you've never listened to Bill Engvall, you should try him. Pretty clean for this day and age and he talks about his family and kids. Things like his son destroying his daughter's $40 fashion barbie and Barney. Good laughs.