Just a peek

Just a quick post to say hello. I had some white stoneware that was given to me a while ago so I thought I might try some different pillow forms with it. I'm curious to see how different the stain and colored clay looks with it.

We have been up so early lately with this new school adventure that my time clock is changing a bit and I'm not staying up so late. This morning after getting my kids to their car-pool stop, I got back home at 7 and took these early morning shots of some pots drying. The color of the morning light is so strange..isn't it?

Those are my twin vases up above that will be fused together in the kiln. I haven't made these in a while so its nice to get back to familiar forms.
Today I plan on loading a bisque. Its teaching day for me and my students are busy on their next coil pot form. They did a great job on they last project. I can tell that maturity, since I have Jr. and Seniors this session, really does make a different.
Hope everyone has a wonderful Thursday !


Linda Starr said...

I like trying different clays, each one does something different with the same glaze.

For your twin vases, do you let the glaze fuse them together? So interesting I've never seen those before looking forward to see them after they are fired.

Lori Buff said...

Those pillows looked like cookies at first glance.

cookingwithgas said...

oh- I thought cookies too!
They look so warm and inviting.

Monique said...

I already love the twin vases! Super good forms!
Would you explain a bit more? Like what Linda already asked, do you let the glaze fuse them together??
Can't wait to see them fired!

Quietly Otaku said...

I love morning light it has such an optimistic glow. I always find I work better on a morning than an afternoon just more motivated!

Trish said...

Super sneak peak Jen..love those little pillows :)..
The early morning light IS different, but I am not so inclined to always see it..:).It would be interesting to see how many people work better in the morning or afternoon.
Great day to you..

FetishGhost said...

Beautiful greenware!

shailena said...

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Ci-Sun said...

Wow! love your art! Art on a whole fascinates me.Thank you for your work, greetings