Photo box question...

Awhile back someone asked me to post a photo of where my photo box was and how it was set up. It just so happened that this weekend I was taking photo's of the inside of my kiln shed so I had a great shot to share with everyone.
Below I've listed a few key points about this set-up that may help some of you who would like to set one up in your home or studio.

*If you look closely you should be able to see the lamp pointed down on the top of the box and there are also one of either side of the box. I use white, heavy plastic lids in front of these lights to defuse it when taking photo's. Yes, the lights do get hot so once I'm done with a set of pots I turn the lamps off so I don't melt anything!

* If you are short on space, as I am, you don't want dirt getting into the photo box even if it is sealed up with a zipper. Every time I'm done using the box, I cover it up with a sheet. Sometimes this sheet is also good for defusing the light on the top of the photo box.

*I do have gradated paper in my box that I had to cut down quit a bit. In order to photograph my pieces without getting the front part of the box in the frame, I have put a little wooden riser under the gradated paper so it lifts the pieces up a bit.

Besides doing alot of fooling with your camera, that is about it to the light box! I really like mine and would recommend one to anyone who wants to try and photograph their own work.

Below are just a few more pitchers and little milk creamers. I never can make enough pitchers!


Linda Starr said...

Great tips about the photo box, thanks so much.

MH said...

Jen - Where did you find affordable gradient background? I'm using the same setup- wood block and all - but have been using straight black photo paper. The result is not nearly as good as I'd like. Hot/bright light will grey it out almost like a gradient but has a fuzzy look to it. not crisp at all.

Jen Mecca said...

I just searched the web and I think I went to Amazon and got one for like $65 or maybe less, I really don't recall but I remember it wasn't to much. I have to admit, cutting so much of it down did not feel great but I knew in time that I'd save so much money on paying someone to take photo's that this was the best bet.

Sue Pariseau Pottery said...

I picked one up at http://www.photographyprops.com/Varitone-Graduated-Backdrops-s/42.htm. They have various sizes and colors.

Paula West Pottery said...

Jen, This is my first comment on your blog and a recent follower. I am a potter living on San Juan Island, Wa, raising two boys, 11 and 14 and doing the potter/mom juggle too. http://www.paulawestpottery.blogspot.com/

About the gradient paper check out:
Cheers - Paula

Betty McKim said...

how big is your shed?

Jen Mecca said...

Paula- thanks for leaving a post. Looks like your pretty busy in San Juan making pots! I bet the weather is just wonderful.... Jen

Betty- I really have no clue. Its not tiny like the one I had in New Bern, when you come on Friday, you can peek in it-its pretty good size for what I need it for.