I have a couple of neat shows on the horizon!

I enjoy booking shows years advance because it gives me something to kick my "you know what" in gear!
Honestly gallery shows make me want to come up with new items and ideas and hopefully in the next few weeks that is what I'll be doing.
Here are some folks I'll be showing with in the next few months.
Jenni Brant of Lincoln Nebraska will be showing with me at Gallery UP in Rock Hill, SC. Look at all that slip trailing she does!
I was not familiar with Jenni's work but I understand she was in Ceramics Month in 2008 for an Emerging Artist write up. Its always fun to see and learn of new potters - isn't it?!
This show is right around the corner in February so just today I finally got going on throwing again. GULP!
In April I'll have some new pieces at Lark and Key with a painter by the name of Honora Jacob. She is from Austin Texas and I just love her work.
Look at all those great oranges she does along with my signature colors of aqua and green and touch of red! I've just started adding some orange lines to my pieces so this is the perfect venue to do more with that new stain.
When you get a chance look over my show list for 2012. I'll slowly keep adding things as they come in for the year.
Happy first week of January to everyone!


Pam said...

Jenni is as wonderful as her work. I think your work will complement each other quite nicely.

Jen Mecca said...

Pam - I'm looking forward to seeing her work in person! Jen

Tracey Broome said...

Hey! Glad to see you blogging again! I just found you, not sure why your blog didn't show up on my blog roll, I'll have to check on that. YES, I'm sure you had a lot to do with my getting into the guild and thank you so much. It was a great show for me, met lots of wonderful new folks. Sounds like your life is very full, just as it should be, Happy New Year!

Jen Mecca said...

Happy New Year to you also Tracey. I was "snopping" around your blog the other day...boy does it look great! You should do magazine work in your next life....
Glad you got into the guild and hope you had fun at the show. I love doing that show( just not the weekend). Hope I can keep my blog going this year - wish me luck. Jen