I looked at what I had accomplished this week ( because its Friday I always have to assess what I've done and what I can get done in the weekend) and I have to say....I didn't make as much stuff as I thought I had. As I said this was my trial week to see what life will be like come fall and all my mornings free. I guess as of today I came to a conclusion that I'll have to slowly ease the rest of my family into a new schedule of how we do things around here because I'm going to have to change my routine. The main issue was my routine of doing all the housework in the morning along with errands and such. I had such a hard time putting on blinders and working in my studio as opposed to going to the grocery store, doing laundry and cleaning up after everyone. The house just explodes at night and I guess we will have to pick up before we go to bed so I can concentrate on work in the morning. I did get out there every morning, but it was only for an hour or so. I also worked every night this week but most nights I didn't get started until 9, which is way to late for me to really think and be productive.

Here an example of some of the boxes I was working on this week. I plan on leaving the finials ruff with no glaze, just a black stain on the porcelain. As I've said before I'm trying to find a way of leaving a bit of the clay body coming through so my pots won't be such a shock when they come out of the salt kiln. I never could get that orange slip to do what I wanted it to do in the electric kiln and I really haven't had time to make up a bunch of Terra Sig to try that. Maybe at some point...who knows.

I'm planning on working in the studio tomorrow for the morning and on Sunday. We have a little outing planned for the kids so I'll be reporting back on that.

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