I'm Back!

Had a great time in Raleigh and now I'm back at point zero to start a new. The show was good even though the weather was really hot and muggy. I can't remember the last time I drank so much water! As always I had tons of fun with my Raleigh craft friends that I haven't seen in awhile. We spend so much time laughing at and with each other that it just adds so much more to doing a show. The thing I love so much about the group of people that do this show with is that I'm one of babies and everyone else is so much more seasoned than I am. They certainly do bring me down to reality when I sit and talk to them. I have lots of fun with my younger craft friends also when we sit and talk business,the only difference is that since this crew has been doing it for so much longer its nice to know that they still talk about all the struggles and pit falls of the business and it brings me back down to reality that it may not getting any easier the longer I do this. Once again I think there is a certain type of person that likes to constantly have a challenge and struggle in there career because being a craft person certainly does pose many obstacles that need to be addressed constantly. All my pals from Cedar Creek ( a gallery I worked at about 15 years ago) all taught me so much even before I was in this business. I still rely on there knowledge and sometimes cynical thoughts about the business. Here are some photo's of my good pay Brad Tucker, who makes the nicest pots I know, Betty McKim my jeweler friend and her husband George the painter. I also threw in a photo of my new tiles which where a hit! I can not wait to do more of these and do them a bit better than the first batch.

Tonight I'm catching up on all my paper work for the business and tomorrow I'll start the big clean up in my studio.

The girls turned 4 yesterday so we've been celebrating there little lives the last two days. Life is good!

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T.Gray said...

Brad T and I go way back. His brother Glenn lived down the hall from me at Atlantic Christian College back in '71. Brad makes the best pitchers I've ever seen. He was the first person to send my son a gift when he was born too. Good man.