Pug Mill

I had a busy Thursday with teaching, dropping off kids and picking them up, doctors appointments, grocery store and the usual world wind sweep around my tornado of a house. This evening I decide to take on my Pug Mill. I now in all the boxes my friend Ann gave me that she sent instructions also but I kind of had a fear of going into my other shed at night this evening. It was about 8 o'clock when I decide to start my pug mill adventure but since the other shed has no lights in it all my mind could think about was my snake friend George lurking in there someplace with his friends. So needless to say I just shut the door and decide to wing it. It was exciting seeing the clay come out the other end of my huge play dough machine but I think my clay was to wet for it to work really well so it took a long time. Tomorrow I'm going to try something different and I guess it would be a good idea to find the instructions also. Hopefully in the day light I can scan the shed a bit more closely for anything that is black and curled up in a corner.

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