I've been working all week while the kids have been in camp in the morning and then at night at my usually routine before this show. The only difference this year is the snake population. Everyday so far this black snake, which I have named George and sometimes a friend of his takes a little stroll across our yard in the same place twice a day. I'm pretty much like most people, I really hate snakes but I have to say since I keep finding this snake crossing my path on the way to my shed everyday I'm starting to get use to them. He certainly does not mind the kids and I getting close to him to look at him and now I'm very curious as to why twice a day he takes a walk from one side of our yard to the other. And also if his mate likes to go on walks with him. I never seen two snakes fallowing the same path one right behind each other before. I think they are out because we have had no rain and I guess they are looking for some. Also the house beside us is clearing out the lot so I knew we would have visitors from there. Lets hope only the black snakes are around and nothing else! I told Joey last night that I think the cats have spotted George on his little walks because last night while I was glazing, Paws and Clayton where perched right by the fence where he likes to step out of. If I was a cartoon artist I could come up with some good drawings and talk bubbles on that scene last night.

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