Monday morning update

( sorry I've been away, we had trouble logging' on this weekend!)

We had a good weekend. I pretty much played with my pugger whenever I got a chance to sneak out to my shed. I really should of thrown more but figuring out equipment is also important right? ( Well, I just really enjoyed playing with my play-dough machine to tell you the truth). I got handles on mugs this weekend and started some more boxes. I promised the man who takes my slides that I would make him a certain box so I wanted to get that done for him. The kids started camp today at Gaston Day. Poor Quaid was signed up for Science camp, his favorite thing in the whole wide world and I got the dates mixed up so he had to hang out in a camp with his sisters ( and other kids his age) that was a zoo camp. He was not to happy with me this morning and I felt just horrible about it. I thought this afternoon I would make it up to him by doing a project with all of them that I've been wanting to do in the back yard. I'm going to take all my broken pots and make some stepping stones from one side of my shed to the other. Sort of a yellow brick road to my kiln! I'll keep you posted.
Fathers day was low key but I hope good for Joey. I tried to let him do what he wanted to Sunday. He's pretty easy going so it didn't require a whole lot to make him content. Just watch his morning news shows, have a good dinner and not have to deal with the kids at bed time.
On Saturday The Circle of Eight folks came here for a meeting. I think we got a lot accomplished with forging a head on getting some shows set up and giving everyone a task for the next time we meet. We are a good group of folks when we get together and I hope we can continue our relationships through out the years when we are old and crabby craft people. I love to see all those folks at NCECA who have known each other for years and years still get together and tell stories.
I'll try to get some photo's up today of my pug mill and mugs! Lord knows I love a good mug!

Added note* Joey signed me up on this free site called MY ART PROFILE.Com. It is mostly for artists in the U.K., but it is kind of neat to see all sorts of things on the site. You can go look at it. I think I'm listed under RATPACK and you can read the comments people have left.


Ron said...

Okay, I'm not even going to comment on that second sentence.

Jen Mecca said...

Ok, I'm sure there is not one female that read into my pug mill comment. ( Joey got a good chuckle out of that one. )j