End of School

It has been a busy mom week. Quaid finished kindergarten and I was at school watching him do stuff about every day. There was field day, end of the year parties and his final day of "graduation" and getting his certificate of completion. I thought he was so happy to not have to do any more school work and then this morning I woke up to him beside me in bed doing a workbook his teacher sent home just to review stuff mid-summer for 1st grade. ( I know I never did stuff like this!) He was very excited to be able to stay up late last night and catch firefly's. On Friday after his graduation myself and another friend of mine took all the kids to a park with this little creek so they could catch crayfish and then let them go. Simple fun, but the kids all loved it.

So on that note, things have been a bit slow on the work front. Here are some of the tiles I finished for bisque. I can see I am really going to like playing with these. I like the thought of building up the surface and doing some very ruff children's drawings on them. I like the way the pillow shape has a lot of volume to it and I hope it works for hanging on the wall. I left a lot of the black stain on it because I plan on just putting glaze in minimal spaces. I'd like to try also using multiple layers of stains and whipping it back to see what kind of end result I get.

Today was a hugely successful work day. Once again I got the whole day to myself and spent it making glazes, cleaning my glaze shed, decorating and throwing. Tomorrow I plan on doing my first glaze firing and continue to make things for next weekends show. I have every morning free next week while the kids are at camp, so I figure I can really get a lot of things made and dried fast for another bisque on Wednesday.

I'm looking forward to this summer with the kids. I can't wait for them to have fun at camp and take them on different day trips to keep the summer fun for them.

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