Today my mind was racing with all sorts of pottery thoughts - I could not quiet the voices! Most of this was because I woke up this morning telling myself I needed to finish the business stuff I had started last night which meant phone calls, emails and important decisions about my kiln. I feel like I got a lot of stuff accomplished but the as always the drawings or images in my mind of my pots was there with me all day. I couldn't wait to get outside, unpack boxes, clean and just throw easy things to get back into the grove. I decided today that since I'll be in limbo with my kiln for a few more weeks that I just needed to start stock piling pots away for this fall. With the CDC show on top of all the other ones I normal do in the fall this is going to be the year I plan on not taking my summer vacation time lightly and I'm going to work as much as I can. I'm going to stick to the items I've been working on and my tried and true so I don't get stuck messing around with new things . ( I say this a lot don't I? ). I haven't forgotten about my promise to put some quotes on here from that great interview with Nick Joerling. I've currently misplaced the magazine in my house mess but I did remember something he said that has really stuck in my brain. He talked about always having idea's and how he use to introduce a new form before every show he did and finally found that this wasn't such a good idea. He came to this conclusion because he said after a show he would go back and re-work the design and finally told himself that he needed to get all the kinks worked out totally until he knew he could not change the piece anymore to make it better. I thought this was a very wise piece of advise and I took it to heart since I too always have a thousand ideas that I'm trying out before a show. Its a good thing I really haven't done to much with my galleries this year because my price list and all that I make would just overwhelm the people ordering from me. I plan on getting back on the gallery bandwagon of actively looking for new galleries next winter when hopefully my kiln will be done and that project will be behind me.
Today was a low-key day with the kids. Quaid is already complaining of boredom and he's only been out of school for two weeks. We did run some errands and I took them to this little nature center with hopes of hiking some trails, but the rain came and we all had to head home. Once again a afternoon in front of the boob-tube. Tomorrow they will spend the day with a friend of mine while I teach and next week its camp. What a thrill for all involved!


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hey jen... you don't have a dog do you? who is that guy? whatever...
listen...still agreeing with all that you say... my kids get out of school 1/2 day friday and then we are going on vacation early sat am...London for 1 1/2 days (on both ends- my husband was born there and moved to U.S. when he was 10...so we are staying with relatives) and the Main trip is Costa del Sol, SPAIN for 2 weeks(majorly the south-beach region) in fact we may be able to take a day boat trip over to MOROCCO!!!!We'll see... I am very excited... but still trying to pull everything together... we don't usually go away for so long and our last trip to London(Europe) with the kids was when they were 1 1/4 and 4 3/4 years old... AND we came back SEPTEMBER 10th 2001....(9/10) so I do get pretty wierded out...But... it will be great.... and hopefully relaxing- perhaps I can explore some great craft/art/pottery and hopefully the inspiration will be good... I have 2 small "shows"end of July so of course I'm stressed out about that--- AND I owe someone an 18 person place setting(small plate, large plate and bowl...x18)... so I need to just relax and go with the flow right? of course my kiln is firing right now(not too full) as I need to finish necklaces for my kids teachers by friday morning to give on the last day of school...you know I should have just bought them personalized notepads and made life easy right???? but not me...argh!!!

Jen Mecca said...

Wow, Morocco sounds like fun. Have a great trip!Jen